Two Christian brothers and a sister take the plunge


There was a slight hesitation as the proceedings got underway at a river in Kawangware, Nairobi. The water was moving quickly due to the heavy rainfall in the past months; three young members of the Brethren assembly in Kibera would have to be committed to their course to pass through this biblical ordinance.

One of the elders read some relevant scripture passages in Swahili before getting into the river himself.

Scripture readingBaptism

The rest of us, including passers-by in Kawangware, watched much drier from the riverbanks.

Other members watching

Then things started to get real.

The people doing the dunking seemed to have the most fun initially...

... but after a change of clothing everyone was smiling and posing for some photos of this special event.

It was encouraging for everyone to see these young people make such a significant, public declaration of their faith and intention to follow Jesus as the lord of their lives. We continue to pray that God would protect and teach them, that He would use their lives for great things in His kingdom, and that we as their local church family would do our part to encourage and support them in their walk.

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