And then back to the grindstone


Whoa, long time no update! Things have been busy, but good!

You've probably heard or guessed by now that most everything to do with the Kenyan elections went as peacefully as we could have hoped for. The election week was long and strenuous, especially for Kenyans, with votes being counted manually at the Bomas of Kenya after a massive failure of electronic systems. The result was finally announced on Saturday March 10th, six days after the polling, with Uhuru Kenyatta comfortably beating his rival Raila Odinga, and narrowly meeting the fifty-percent-plus-one requirement outlined by the 2010 constitution.

Since then we have made it through a court decision upholding the election results, as well as the inauguration of the new president. So congratulations are in order for Kenyans in taking a positive step forward in their democracy, and praises are due to God for answering the prayers for peace of people across the nation and around the world.

OpenMRS Users Forum in Kenya

OpenMRS Users Forum at the CHAK Conference Centre

March was a month of a lot of face-to-face progress on the hospital software front. Most notably, CHAK and I-TECH Kenya partnered to host an OpenMRS Users Forum at the CHAK Conference Centre here in Nairobi. In attendance were members of AMPATH, Faces, Millennium Villages Project, and other organizations invested in medical record systems in Kenya. We had presentations from the different groups on their current initiatives and some of the challenges they are facing. It was great to get a better perspective on how OpenMRS is being used across the country, and to identify common challenges that could make for effective collaboration between teams.

Day to day we continue with the work of implementing the features we have planned for Pharmacy and Inventory modules, the initial versions of which we hope to complete by the time I leave in June. We're enjoying working with Joseph and have him assigned to creating a prototype diabetes management system, under Steve Letchford's direction. He's quickly becoming more familiar with OpenMRS and is excited to get more involved in core OpenHMIS programming work.

We have software ready and equipment on order for our initial deployment at Tigoni District Hospital, as well as a version upgrade ready to release at Marira, hopefully in the next couple of weeks.


Due to the tension and uncertainty surrounding the elections, I have been away from the Kibera assembly a lot over the past month, and we are still trying to find a good Sunday morning to travel across town and have a baptism ceremony. I will hopefully have those photos and stories later this month.

I hope you all enjoyed your Eastertime! I was able to spend Sunday with friends from SIM at a worship concert put on by Nairobi Chapel, in which one of my German housemates performed. It was a lot of very enthusiastic and skillful praise to God, and a joy to witness and participate in.

Choir members at Nairobi Chapel

Prayer Items

Thank God for his faithfulness. I'm thankful that God is holy and good, that He has given me real life through His son Jesus, and that He is glorified if I simply choose to acknowledge and obey Him with my life today.

Please continue to pray for Wes, Joseph, and me as we work. There is a lot to do, and we're all feeling time flying. Pray that we will be able to successfully deploy at Tigoni Hospital and maintain the setup at Marira, and at the same time be able to complete the new features we are working on.

Pray for me as my year draws to a close. I still have two months, but that's not a lot of time, and I want to do a good job of leaving things in order, both with the software project and at other places that I'm involved—especially in Kibera, and with the youth Bible study group in Karen.

Pray for guidance as I'm thinking more and more about what I will do after this year.


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