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Election Posters

As you may be aware, it’s election time in Kenya. This will be the first election under the new 2010 constitution, and the first one since the post-election violence in 2008, so it will be an interesting exercise, and an important one. Many people (including the counsellors at the Canadian High Commission) believe that the election will be peaceful, with only isolated violence in especially tense areas. However, refusing to be caught off guard, as happened last time, SIM Kenya has put many precautions in place and most of us on the compound are prepared for the absolute worst-case scenario.


Our well-stocked pantry


At CHAK we are excited to have a new recruit—a recent graduate from JKUAT named Joseph. We’ll be helping him get up to speed with OpenMRS, as well as with our own code and workflows, and he will hopefully be a real asset to the advancement of OpenMRS in Kenya.

OpenHMIS Team at Kijabe

OpenHMIS team at Kijabe (Wes, Joseph, Steve, I behind the camera)

Continuing on from our meeting last month with Tigoni District Hospital, our team has been working on the design of the new pharmacy module. We had another meeting at Kijabe Hospital last Wednesday to make sure that we were on the same page as the pharmacy staff there and are now ready to dive into building the module.

We are also planning to deploy our current system (with a few small customizations) at Tigoni by the beginning of April. Once the pharmacy module is complete, we will deliver that to both Marira and Tigoni—hopefully sometime in June.

Alley beside Brethren Assembly Fellowship Kibera

Alley in Kibera — Brethren Assembly Fellowship building on right (mostly out of frame)

I haven’t ventured to take my camera into Kibera many times, but I managed to snap some more shots recently of my little assembly there. Depending on the angle, the situation can seem a bit bleak, but I’m encouraged by the variety of people who attend regularly and by the enthusiasm of their worship. We have had two new believers (young men) express their desire to be baptised and are planning to do that in about a week’s time.

Sunday MorningBAF Kibera Youth

Prayer Items

Pray for peaceful elections. It’s very important that this election process is seen as legitimate by Kenyans. Pray that polling and tallying will go smoothly and be free from manipulation. Pray that party leaders and supporters will respect the democratic process—that victors will be gracious and that defeated parties will be honourable. Pray that God will put leaders in place that can be used for his purposes.

Pray for Wes, Joseph, and me. We have slated ourselves for a lot of work in the coming months and want to do a good job. Pray for Joseph as he takes on the steep learning curve of our project, and for the rest of the team as we support him.

Pray for the assembly in Kibera, that they would continue to grow in faith and maturity, and that the body would do a good job of encouraging and teaching the young believers.


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