Departure date and prayer support


I wrote previously about how my financial support had come together quicker than I expected. Because of this, SIM has been able to organize accommodations for me in Nairobi sooner than originally anticipated. As a result, I have a flight to Kenya booked for June 24th!

Things so far have been going very smoothly, and I credit this to God's blessing and to the people who have been praying for me throughout the beginning of this journey.

Speaking of prayer, for the past couple of months I’ve been focused on securing financial support. In the month before I leave, I want to work on solidifying my prayer support. I know that many of my financial supporters will also be praying, but I’d like to ensure that I have a team of people who are praying for me on a regular basis. I’m setting my goal at 100 prayer supporters. Please leave me a quick response (either below or via email) letting me know if you feel committed to supporting me in this way.

In the meantime, thank God for all the ways he's provided in the past two months, and pray for his continued guidance and care as I make the final preparations for my trip.


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