April update


My day in code:


If any of that makes sense to you, you may know more about programming than you think! Bonus points for anyone who can identify the programming language I used to describe my work day!

I feel like I don't have a lot to report this month! Wes and I continue to work away at pharmacy & inventory features that we still hope to complete by June. The equipment for our deployment at Tigoni District Hospital has arrived and has been configured; we are working to confirm a date to perform the installation on site.

There will be increased traffic on the Rose Avenue compound in the month of May. Now that the elections have passed peacefully, we are free to accept new arrivals, and for a couple of weeks our house will be accommodating six young missionary men!

I plan to travel out west in the second week of May to visit the boy I have been sponsoring for a few years through Compassion. It will be a short trip—likely only two days there and back—but I'm looking forward to meeting Leparan and his family, and to seeing some more of the Kenyan countryside.

We finally found a day to go do the pending baptism ceremony with the people from Kibera. I have a separate post describing the event.

Prayer Items

Thank God for all of the people coming to work in Kenya. Pray for the six people in our house—it will be pretty cosy for a couple of weeks, to say the least, with two people in each bedroom! Pray that we will all be an encouragement to one another and make things work!

I'm taking the preaching time at a joint service with the Kibera and Tena groups this Sunday. Pray that what I say will be true, honouring to God, and encouraging to the church.

Please keep praying for the OpenHMIS team. As we get further on in the project, and as the time draws nearer for me to complete my year here, we are having discussions about the best way to move forward in terms of project vision and goals, personnel, and relationships with partner organizations.

Pray for safety as I travel out to Kisii, then to Kilgoris, and then on to my sponsor child's home on May 9th. Pray things will go smoothly in terms of travel arrangements, accommodation, and the visit with Leparan and his family, and that I will do whatever I can to encourage them.


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  1. Daniel! I think it's C++. If only because of the number of + signs.

    I'm excited for you to come home. I've missed you, and I hope you can find an inspiring direction to take when you return from Kenya. Hopefully that direction brings you to Edmonton.

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