A couple months ago, my brother started talking about a strange idea dubbed the Uberman Sleep Schedule. Basically, this theory involves taking short, regularly-scheduled naps as a replacement for one, solid chunk of sleep at night. It sounded ridiculous to me, so I didn't take him seriously, and forgot about it.

David obviously didn't forget about it, however, and made plans to undergo the transition from monophasic to polyphasic sleep as a gentle and refreshing Christmas holiday project. He took his first twenty-minute nap at midnight last night, so he's almost twenty-four hours in.

According to Steve Pavlina, who successfully spent five and a half months on Uberman's schedule, the first 48 hours are the worst. After that, Mr. Pavlina experienced a rapid return to an energetic, focused state, so I'm hoping that David will fare as well.

After reading about Pavlina's success, I was actually tempted to try the whole thing myself, but his objective comments in the Return to Monophasic post convinced me that, at least at this stage in my life, I'm better off following the crowd, even if it means spending more hours of the day in a semi-conscious state.

In any case, my brother seems to be going through with it, so I'm encouraging him to blog about his experience as well. If he decides to do so, you can follow the drama on his very own blog.

PS: Blogging is one of the disciplines I'd like to establish in my life. We'll start with the mediocre goal of one entry a month. Cooking is also on my list of "to-disciplines".


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  1. Hi Daniel - love your blog! I read most of your posts today. Hopefully your successful at making a discipline out of blogging.

    Glad we could connect over Christmas, if only for a few minutes.