January Update



As you can see from this little imaginary control box, everything is A-OK and under control!

This is actually an illustration from a series that I made to explain some of the high-level reasons for our hospital software, OpenHMIS. You can see the rest on the new website, openhmisafrica.org.

I mentioned in a previous update that the New Year would bring the need for planning, interviewing, and setting direction for the software. This month has been full of that.

The week of the 21st, Wes and I were at the Marira Clinic making sure everything was running smoothly so that we could give a demonstration to a group of staff from a government hospital, called Tigoni District Hospital, in hopes that they would be willing to become a second pilot site for our software.

Ladies in registration office

Ladies in the registration office, using OpenMRS alongside the original paper system.


The demo went smoothly, and after seeing the software, the folks from Tigoni agreed to have us visit their facility to look at their current workflow and systems. We found that they had a computer in use in the cashier's office, but that patient registration, as well the pharmacy were run using paper-based systems.

tigoni_front.jpgTigoni Pharmacy

Wes, Steve and I came away with a lot of good information from the meeting with Tigoni. There are a few extra features to add to our existing modules to meet Tigoni's registration and cashier requirements. We hope to have those systems up and running at their facility within two or three months. As a longer-term goal, we plan to put together a module that will allow them to run their pharmacy using our software.

Tigoni Pharmacy

This month we've also been able to meet with other groups that may be interested in some type of partnership with our project, including a local startup private health company and government contractors also working with OpenMRS. Dr. Steve Letchford, having handed over his role as Medical Director at Kijabe, has had more time for the OpenHMIS project and has helped a lot in arranging and leading these networking meetings.

I'm also happy to be able to report that, because we had another missionary programmer commit to join the project as soon as possible, we are in the position to bring on a junior Kenyan programmer. We kept in touch with one of the candidates who performed well during his interview, and he is in the process of being hired at CHAK.

So there's a lot going on but now, at the beginning of February, we have a good idea of where we're headed.

Prayer Items

Thank God for His help with this software project. We've been trusting him for help and guidance, and He has given us success so far at Marira, and an opportunity at Tigoni. We're also very encouraged to have another missionary and a Kenyan programmer joining our team. Pray that these people would fit into their roles well.

Pray for our work. I hope to be as effective as I can in the short time I have left here, and that things over the next few months will go smoothly.

Please continue to pray for peace in Kenya. The elections are fast approaching and there have already been some disconcerting signs in terms of due process and civility. Pray that Kenyans will be able to see beyond their individual and ethnic interests to a Kenya that is better for everyone.


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