Audience advisory: cynical contentApparently a pretty, smiling face is a good idea in anyone's marketing campaign, even if the face has nothing to do with the product or service being sold. Don't get me wrong; I'm not trying to say that there are no attractive women in IT, or that women shouldn't be associated with technology careers. I was just struck today with how abruptly the marketing ploy ended at

PrepLogic adI was reading some technology article today, when suddenly this beautiful blonde-haired woman scrolled onto the right side of the screen. Above her, the text "Free IT Training." Call me sexist but, in my experience, beautiful young women and IT don't often come as a package. "Maybe this company is different," I thought. "Maybe they emphasize women's place in the IT industry; or, better yet, maybe this pretty girl is teaching these IT courses."

So I clicked on over to and, sure enough, found more pictures of this beautiful blonde. Even more curious now, I signed up for the Free 15-minute Guides, wondering if these might be 15 minutes of an attractive IT professional giving me tips on Windows 2008 Server, or some industry-standard Cisco router.

I was disappointed to find that the 15-minute Guide was only a 14-page summary of the Microsoft 70-290 exam—probably handy if you happen to be preparing for that test, but somewhat cold and lonely compared to that initial splash page.

Wondering what became of Miss IT Certification and what I guessed might be a progressive statement by PrepLogic, I turned to Google to help me uncover any relevant video footage. What I found was more representative of the IT industry I know. Moustaches. Thinning hair. And not on women.

IT guy with moustache

Why didn't they put this guy under their ad? He looks like a person that knows information technology. If you watch his video, he definitely sounds like he knows his stuff.

I guess the moral of this whole story, after poking fun at the perceived incongruity of a young beautiful woman and the IT industry, is that I stopped what I was doing, I looked at their ad, I visited their site, and I signed up for their free offer! Whether or not a pretty girl's face belongs on an IT ad can be hotly debated, but it drew a click, a signup, and a blog post from one sucker.

... I feel like the joke's on me.

I hope you're happy, Miss IT Certification.


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  1. Samuel wrote on April 16, 2011 at 06:47

    Have you ever seen the ads for Evony? It's even worse.

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