June 15, 2008Back in June, I took the opportunity to lead the music on a Sunday at Balmoral Bible Chapel. My original idea was to incorporate some prerecorded drum loops into a couple arrangements—not too complicated. In the end, I recorded drums, bass, and other instrument parts for entire song arrangements. My brother and sister and I played and sang overtop of these when we lead worship.

It took me forever to make these recordings, and we only used them on that single Sunday. I'm making them available here in hopes that they can be reused. The recordings are based on arrangements by popular Christian artists; if you don't recognize the song or sequence of verses and choruses, it should be easy to find the original recordings for reference.

  1. As The Deer — Arrangement by the Maranatha Singers
  2. Everlasting God — Similar to arrangement by Chris Tomlin; 12 bars of intro. before first verse.
  3. Hallelujah (Your Love Is Amazing) — Arrangement by Brian Doerksen. Sorry, I didn't get around to recording the celtic flutes and fiddles; you'll have to play those yourself =p
  4. Oh The Deep Deep Love Of Jesus — This is my arrangement, so you'll have to use your imagination to fill in the gaps. Watch out for the chorus of How Great Thou Art tagged on the end. Watch out for my crazy drumming too... yikes.
  5. You're Good Lord — Arrangement by Kathryn Scott

Download — 5 songs, 256kbps MP3. Let me know if you use them.


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